AJA Project

AJA Project trying specify a binary markup language(AJA-ML) based on XML ideas and developing library(AJA-LIB) by these specifications.This project is now in devel phase.

AJA Markup Language must be based on these sights:
- must be small
- must be saved idea of XML and must be easy convert from/to XML
- parsing and building must be fast
- must be used with streams
- must save any type of binaries data and structural from of data and data cannot be deform.
- must be saved fundamentals of Open Software

Project include:

AJA Markup language(AJA-ML) - this text document trying specify AJA markup language.Here you found binary format of AJA-ML.This document is used for developing library.
AJA library(AJA-LIB) - this library contain all necessaries tools for operations like parsing, building, converting data based on AJA-ML.Library is based on OOP and C++ with STL library. Documentation for library is here and source codes can you find in SVN repositories https://aja.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/aja/trunk/aja-lib

My documentary skills are little-bit poor.When somebody understand of specification and might want to rewrite AJA-ML text document to better form, please contact me and i add rewritten document to this project.Or when somebody have some extended better ideas or want to participate at this project,please contact me.

AJA-ML - opened for new extended ideas.
AJA-LIB - testing phase.